Mistress Dee Ville



                      Professional & Lifestyle  B.D.S.M.  Dominatrix , Fetishist and Feminization Specialist.    

You have accepted my invitation.............

Now take one step further , make contact and be immersed in a different reality.

I'm an extremely athletic, creative,strict but  playful, Domme with plenty of experience, I enjoy taking my time tormenting and playing with my subs, slaves and sissies in all sorts of scenarios. my min. session is an 1 - 1 1/2 hours, but  I specialise in longer all day and overnight session. I am not a "fast food" style of Mistress who stacks as many sessions into a week as possible and churns through them in an impersonal manner.I prefer immersing you into a totally different reality to the one you experience in your everyday life, whilst we are together......my reality. I also don't take sessions where I am handed a list of instructions outlining how you want a session conducted, rather I am a great believer that open communication and trust can lead to surprisingly wonderful and groundbreaking experiences. I love empowering my subs. to explore all sorts of delights that they may never have thought possible. I request you contact me expressing your experience, interests and boundaries, so I can construct a session around the information you have given.

I have years of experience, I originally trained at " The house of domination " under Mistress Britt in Melb. as a very young woman. Since then alot of water has passed under the bridge during which time I have had the pleasure of exploring  many different aspects of B.D.S.M , fetish, fantasy and feminization on different levels in both my private and my professional life. This allows me to offer and enjoy versatility and variety.I can be as strict,cruel and sadistic or as sensual as the scene at hand requires. I must warn you that laughter will feature throughout our session especially when you are in a predicament or about to receive an exquisitely painful sensation in one form or another. Please don't contact me asking what I am into, as with any creative endeavour I go through phases and stages of what I'm enjoying.When you make contact giving me an idea of your experience and interests, I will then let you know if we are compatable for a session. 

I am currently based on Brisbane's city fringe in a fantastic multi level townhouse which is absolutely ideal to play out an endless variety of scenarios. I always have a list of chores which needs completing for my domestic pets, and have a fantastic femme bedroom setup complete with a walk in wardrobe which includes many wigs, lingerie, corsets and shoes.

Experienced devotees, beginners, sissies, maids, sluts, fetishists, and slaves requiring training and or discipline are all welcome to reply to my invitation.

I am a lifestyle Mistress but that does not mean I am interested in random people contacting me to be my personal slave. I also do not barter services.