Mistress Dee Ville



                Crossdressing, Male to Female Transformation, Sissification, Forced Feminization, Maid Play.

I cater for sessions where you can just wear a little lacy lingerie to full transformations - including make- up and hair. I encourage you to bring your favorite items with you if you have any, if not I have a great walk in wardrobe full of dozens of wigs, lingerie, corsets, outfits, and shoes. I have a lovely femme bedroom set - up and the house has other playrooms for us to enjoy. The fantastic entertainers kitchen is perfect for Maids to get busy in, and of course Mistress always has a list of chores which needs to be completed.

As an experienced Mistress I also offer the potential to incorporate many aspects of B.D.S.M. play within a session if desired.

I  also have a background in the beauty and make -up industry,  live performance and fashion, this combined  with being an experienced Mistress means I have  the perfect set of skills to turn you into my princesss. For those of you who enjoy a full transformation, I provide champagne while I do your make-up and photos of the 'new you' to  keep as a memory of your experience.

For those who want to take their Femme experience to the next level, I have a lovely open minded friend who runs a very private beauty parlor just 5 mins. drive from my house who can take care of all your beauty needs.

Which inner princess do you need to explore today?
* The slutty little tease I have my way with?
* The naughty little girl who needs a good spanking over my knee?
* The domestic Maid?
* The bound helpless captive damsel in distress?
* The young girl receiving deportment lessons?
* The secretary who takes great dicktation?
* The princess who enjoys champagne while posing for the camera perhaps....before a little shopping trip?
* Perhaps you have another femme fatale who needs releasing and honoring.

Please let me know when you first get in touch with me - we will also talk in further detail upon meeting.

Please note the on top of your booked session time you will need to allow an extra 30 - 45 mins. for make-up removal / inspection and aftercare/ debrief.